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Please fill out the following information to download your free SafetyOffice demo.  Use the "Save" option, NOT the "Run" choice.  We suggest to save it to your desktop.  You will need to download and copy the OSHALOG and TRAINLOG Win7 Upgrade Files to run on Win7.  Instructions willbe on the demo download email you will receive.

Win7 Pro is compatible with a FREE after purchase upgrade (email).  Win7-64 requires Virtual XP, a free download from Microsoft, from which to both install and run .

We do not Support Vista,Win8 or 10. 

Remember, you have a 30 day money back guarantee and 90 days of free support when purchased.

Please help us help you.  We neither sell nor share customer email addresses, but without a valid email address, the auto generated email with helpful how-to tips and resource information won't reach you.    Plus you may always call our Support line for assistance @ 434-817-0911.  We are on Eastern time, 8:30 - 5:00, M - F.

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Safety Software® is a Small Business and Service Connected Disabled VietNam Veteran owned.

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V4.0 required to comply with current OSHA Form 300 regulations. From OSHALOG main menu, click Help, and then About, to determine which version you have. Upgrade Discounts available. Call 877-OSHA-300 (674-2300).