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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I purchase SafeSoft products?

Safety Software provides multiple ways to purchase our software products.  Select the method that is right for you:

  • Online store -  Purchase any one of our software products or even renew your support subscription online via our web catalog.
  • Phone - Our experienced and professional sales staff can be reached between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, EST, M-F,  at 1.800.303.5893.
  • Fax - Credit Card and Purchase Orders may be faxed to 434.817.7350 Attn: Sales Staff. Our Tax ID number for purchase orders is:  54-1577091
  • Email - Request more information, request a call back to order by credit card (do NOT email your credit card number) or provide a Purchase Order number by emailing . Our Tax ID number for purchase orders is:  54-1577091

Q: How do I move SafetyOffice Products to New Computer/Hard Drive?

  1. If your CD doesn't say *SafetyOffice 4.0* at the top, throw it away.  It will only cause problems.
  2. If you don't have SafetyOffice 4.0 CD, download demo and use that to install on new computer/hard drive.  (sos401.exe - about 16 Mb)
  3. If you have data from old computer, create new C:\SOS folder on new computer/hard drive.  If not, go to step # 5 now.
  4. Copy old \Database folder to new C:\SOS.  When finished, you should have C:\SOS\Database\ over 300 files here.
  5. Install sos401.exe of SafetyOffice 4.0 CD to C:\SOS - remember, with one click restore, auto backups can be saved on network in shared drive\folder.
  6. If you do NOT have previous data, you can begin again now.  See item 5 above.
  7. Start OSHALOG.
  8. Add your user name and V4.0 serial number. 
  9. Select type of install on next screen.
  10. Re-register online with your 4.0 serial number if you did not retain your 16 character/number registration key for your serial number.

Q: XP Service Pack 2 Notice 

Safety Software products are compatible with Windows XP and XP Service Pack 1.  Local machine administrative rights are required.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 has been out since August 2004. There are known compatability issues between the 16 bit Borland Database Engine and SP2 (along with about 800+ other software applications and developers tools). 

Fewer than ten OSHALOG and TRAINLOG customers have had problems.  We have a work-around for those that do.  Contact Technical Support at 434-817-0911. 

We try to stay a step ahead, but remember, our applications were fine with XP until Bill decided to change XP after the fact.

Q: Are SafetyOffice Products Vista compatible?

SafetyOffice products are not Vista compatible.  We have new products under development which will be Vista compatible as of July 2007.  No release date has been set as yet.

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V4.0 required to comply with current OSHA Form 300 regulations. From OSHALOG main menu, click Help, and then About, to determine which version you have. Upgrade Discounts available. Call 877-OSHA-300 (674-2300).