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Borland Database Engine FAQ

Q: What is the Borland Database Engine?

The Borland Data Base Engine (BDE) can be used by different software applications (programs), including OSHALOG, TRAINLOG and PPE-LOG. It does this by using "aliases."

Q: What is an alias?

Simply put, an alias is a short name description that has directions attached to it. It tells the program where to look for data files (i.e. - the data files for OSHALOG are located at C:SOSDATABASE).

The BDE can contain aliases for different programs such as the spreadsheet Quattro Pro, the database system Paradox, or other specialized programs like ADP's payroll applications.

Q: How can I see or change the aliases in the Borland Database Engine?

1. In Windows Explorer, locate the Idapi directory and open it.
2. Double click bdecfg.exe.
3. Under Driver Name, select Paradox.
4. Click Aliases tab (lower left).

The following  Aliases should be listed:

CMPDATA (default path: C:SOSUtilityCmpdata)
DATABASE (default path: C:SOSDatabase)
PPELOG (default path: C:SOSDatabase)
REPORTS (default path: C:SOSReports)  
SECURITY (default path: C:SOSDatabaseDbs)
SOSREPORTS (default path: C:SOSReports)
TRAINLOG (default path: C:SOSDatabase)

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